Experienced Spider Control and Prevention Experts

Don't let spiders invade your home! Trust the team with over 40 years of experience to get rid of your household invaders. Petty Pest Control will give you swift control over the interior or exterior spider infestation on your property and give you recommendations and helpful products to avoid them returning.

Petty Pest Control is family owned and operated. We've been in business since 1978. You'll be glad to know that no contracts are required. We offer competitive prices for our services.

We'll Find Where the Spiders Are Hiding 

Our experienced technicians will perform a quick inspection of your property to find the areas where the spiders are hiding or entering your home. That way we can focus our efforts on those areas to provide an effective treatment plan that will get rid of the spiders and keep them away.

If you're seeing an increasing number of spiders in or around your home, contact us to effectively and safely solve your spider problems.

Trust Us to Eliminate a Variety of Spiders

Wolf spiders

These are found in the litter, in low vegetation, and under debris.

Jumping spiders

These are active during the day and hunt in plants or on the ground.

Black widow spiders

They are the most common and harmful spiders in California.

Grass spiders

They can be found in most types of vegetation and trees.

Garden spiders

These spiders feed on insects that fly or fall into their webs.

Dwarf spiders 

These are most commonly found in fields and vegetable crops, and among the litter.