Proven Rodent Removal Experts

Petty Pest Control knows what to look for and how to get rid of any rodent infestation you may have. Our services include trapping and baiting. We guarantee our work for 3 months. If you have unwanted rodents scurrying about your home, call us for a free estimate and have them removed.

Rodents Can Cause Expensive Damage

Rodents can cause significant damage to your property, and could also bite you, your family, or pets. Rodents can pass along bacteria and diseases to their victims, especially infants and young children.

Rats and mice will eat and contaminate food, cause structural damage, and transmit parasites to humans and other animals.

Be Alert for Rodent Infestation

•  Spot the early signs - Periodically check for signs of rats throughout the year
•  Look out for rat droppings - Look around dog or cat dishes and pet food storage containers
•  Keep an open ear - Listen for any kind of noises from your attic
•  Look out for burrows - Rats will burrow among plants or vegetables in your garden
•  Watch out for rats! - You should notice if any rats are traveling along utility lines or on the top offenses
•  Notice your shed, doghouse - Generally, rats dig under your shed or doghouse