Quick Bee Removal

Don't take a chance with killer bees. Call the professionals at Petty Pest Control to have them quickly removed. Trust the experts who can give you complete treatment against California's dangerous killer bees. If you see a swarm of bees gathering near your home, don't wait. Contact us today!

Africanized Bees Aggressively Defend Their Hives

Africanized bees will frequently attack people and animals who wander into their territory and near their hives. These bees can pose a serious health risk and usually attack in larger numbers than other bees. They are easily agitated and will pursue intruders for great distances.

Don't take chances by trying to tackle them yourself. Keep your family and pets safe by contacting us to rid you of your bee infestation.

What to Do if You Spot an Africanized Beehive?

•  Take precaution - Assume that they are of the aggressive Africanized species
•  Be aware - Do not make sudden movements near the hive or swarm
•  Stay silent and walk away - Do not make loud noises near the hive or swarm
•  Point to remember - Do not spray insecticides or water on the hive or swarm
•  Be sensible - Do not throw rocks or objects on the hive or swarm
•  Keep to yourself, stay safe - Do not disturb the swarm or swat at the bees buzzing around you