Get Rid of Bedbugs

Bedbugs are parasitic insects that feed on blood. Bedbugs are most active at night and can go unnoticed while they feed on their hosts. If you see raised bumps on your skin, this could be the result of bedbug bites.

Contact Petty Pest Control at the first signs of bedbugs for quick and effective removal of the infestation so that you can sleep in peace.

Early Detection Is Crucial

Bedbugs multiply quickly, so identifying them early is critical to preventing the infestation from getting worse. They can cause many adverse health effects, including skin rashes and allergic symptoms, not to mention the psychological effects of having bugs in your bed.

Check for Bedbug Infestations in Your Home

•  Do you have bedbugs? - Use a flashlight and look for fecal spots and shed skins
•  Focus on mattresses - Inspect box springs, bed frames, and the areas near your sleeping spot
•  Remove bedding - Bedbugs like to hide in bedding and in cracks and holes
•  Inspect furniture - Turn your furniture upside down and inspect for bedbugs
•  How do you get bedbugs? - Bedbugs can hitchhike on luggage or clothes from hotels.